What is counselling and how can it help me?

Part of being human is that we all experience difficulties and challenges at some point in our life. Times when we are struggling with a specific problem such as personal or work relationships, health, anxiety or loss or feel overwhelmed by difficult feelings or stuck in patterns of thinking and behaviour that we feel powerless to change.


Often we can deal with these on our own or with help and support from family and friends. but sometimes we need more time and space for ourselves than they can provide. Having a chance to speak about things with someone who has no other place in your life can often help.

Talking to an experienced and qualified counsellor gives you time and space to seek resolutions for problems that you are facing in a partnership of complete confidence where you can safely explore thoughts and feelings around any areas of difficulty in a non-judgemental place where you have freedom to talk about anything. It provides a safe place to work through things you may be frightened about or ashamed of or share things that you cannot say to family or friends. Telling your story to another human being, perhaps for the first time can bring a sense of relief or simply give you a chance to talk and really be heard. Talking to someone who will listen without judging and without telling you “what to do” can help you come to terms with painful or traumatic events in your life.

Counselling provides an opportunity for change. We cannot alter what has already happened in our lives. We can, however, improve our understanding of our past by exploring events that have led to current circunstances, gain awareness and insight into our present, look at the choices open to us and achieve greater control of our future.


It can help you to manage the pressures and stresses that life brings and help you to understand yourself and those around you better; and result in a beneficial effect on all of your relationships, be they family, friends, children or colleagues.


Counselling can help you make sense of past and present experiences and enable you to gain awareness, discover your strengths and give you the courage to live your life more meaningfully and fully


It really is possible to turn your life around.


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